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Ch. 1 Jude Allen
Ch. 2 Wives
Ch. 3 Mary Allen Dewey
Ch. 10 Jude Allen
Ch. 14 Mary Ann Allen
Ch. 16 Nancy Allen Kelly
Ch. 19 John Robert Allen
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  Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Where did all this information come from?

    The information was gathered from Jude Allen Family Reunion records, and from family representatives throughout the family who submitted their personal family records.

  2. If I want a CD later, how do I get one? 

    Contact Darlene Adkins and she will send you one (after she has sold enough books to cover the cost of printing the books.).

  3. What if I find an error in the book?

    Contact Darlene Adkins and she will correct the database.  The change will be reflected in the information on the CD only.

  4. If I am not in the book, how do I get myself included?

    Contact Darlene Adkins and she will add you to the database.  You will then be included on the CD only.  



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